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Choosing the right HVAC Contractor can mean the difference between an installation of your heating and air conditioning system that goes smoothly and provides years of trouble free comfort and one that winds up costing you a thousand in wasted money and aggravation. Before you search for a contractor, you must do some homework about your specific job. Your goal isn’t to become a technical expert, but you want to learn enough to ask the right questions and evaluate the answers.

Research Your options

Your neighbor had a great experience with one contractor and your co-worker had a terrible experience with another. The feedback is great research material! During research phase, identify several contractors who can help you with your job. The best feedback comes from the mouth experiences of people you trust. They are more likely to give you the "strait scoop" on their experiences (both positive and negative) than other potential referrals. Your prospect list should include two of three contractors. Each prospect should be located locally and the business should Have a physical street address. Then, you should call your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other consumer related organizations to verify company information.

Before You Make a Decision, Ask These 20 Basic Questions: